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I discuss the main causes of this rupee depreciation in my latest.On 28th August 2013, the Indian rupee had gone down to 68.825 against the Dollar.


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As the Rupee hits new all time lows against the Dollar, it is natural to look for ways to arrest this slide and look for solutions to this problem.

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Analysts have described the events of the last few days as the worst financial crisis ever to have hit the world.Let us explore the various reasons why the rupee is still falling despite RBI intervention to stem it.Why is the Indian rupee getting weaker against the US dollar.The Indian Rupee has depreciated to an all time low with respect to the US Dollar.

Rupee nears 69/dollar; posts biggest day fall in 18 years

Top 3 Forces Driving the AUD to Rupee. which will potentially cause the AUD to depreciate further against the Rupee. the corresponding currency will likely fall.

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Why Indian rupee is falling against the US dollar The rupee started at just above 66 on January 1, 2016 but since then has been moving sharply downwards with the.The Indian rupee recovered sharply on Tuesday after key regulators took steps to curb speculative trading in the currency, but some gains were knocked off.For the past 1 year, Rupee has been fluctuating and fallen heavily against the US Dollar.

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It has lost 14% of its purchasing power against US dollar since the beginning.One of the clearest indicators of this is the falling value of the Indian rupee.

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Rupee vs dollar: When 66 does not equal 66. the rupee is falling in. which was partly blamed on prominent foreign investors like George Soros betting against.Rupee hits new low of 68.85 vs dollar, logs biggest single-day. the rupee opened at 66.90 a dollar against 66.24. free fall against the dollar,...So the reality is the rupee has been rather strong this year, not weak, even though it value against the dollar makes it appear weak.

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Indian currency rupee is depreciating quickly against the US dollar recently.The Indian Rupee appreciated against US Dollar by nearly 5 percent, the best performance since last 2012.Like the stock markets, the Indian rupee has been witnessing turmoil against the dollar ever since the beginning of this year.Reasons why the markets crashed and rupee hit a. because of the rupee fall.After hitting a record low of 68.86 per dollar in intraday trading, the rupee closed at 68.70 per.

Amid falling rupee against the dollar scenario, foreign funds may desert India stock market in the near-term.

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It has soared against most currencies, including the rupee, on the.

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The rupee started at just above 66 on January 1, 2016 but since then has been moving.

Read to know the various factors which have contributed to the inflated.

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On the stock market, it is unlikely to see hot and quick money to get be pumped in because risk free return from the banks seem more attractive than the uncertainties.

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Rupee flirts with record low against dollar, seen falling further.

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Rupee hits new low of 68.85 vs dollar, logs biggest single

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Indian rupee (INR) against the US dollar. the fall in rupee.

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Five reasons why the rupee hit record low against the dollar. pushing the rupee lower.Are there any best investment options when rupee is depreciating.The main reasons behind the fall of the rupee are an increased demand for dollars due to a spurt in.