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The high-pressure pumping may trigger shifts in the fault lines.Join the NASDAQ Community today and. U.S. Shale Oil Stocks in Focus as Low Oil Prices Likely to Continue - Stocks in.

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Low oil prices are taking their toll on U.S. shale oil producers, but their rise over the last decade is evidence of increasing U.S. energy independence.

U.S. oil companies rise again, poised for rebound

U.S. Shale Oil Stocks in Focus as Low Oil Prices Likely to

Basic information on oil shale, oil shale resources, and recovery of oil from oil shale.With this huge uptick in domestic oil production, there are an increasing number of reports stating that the U.S. will become energy independent.Before drillers can extract the first drop of oil, they must pump in 800 truckloads of water.

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The number of operating drilling rigs working shale deposits is likely to fall.

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OPEC, led by Saudi Arabia, initiated an economic oil war against the United States last year in an attempt to drive U.S. shale oil producers bankrupt and.Low energy prices are finally taking a toll on that industry, with the total number of U.S. oil and gas rigs falling to.

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SHALE OIL: Exploration and Development Presented By: Justin Brady, Laura Kerr, Mike Potts Senior Capstone Project Spring 2006.

Fracking Illustrated: A Guide to Shale Oil Extraction In North Dakota, energy companies are using horizontal drilling and hydraulic fracturing to tap oil.

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The initial drilling only accounts for 40% of the total cost.

Shale oil production in the United States is expected to jump again in July, marking the fourth straight month the Department of Energy has forecast monthly growth.Massive deposits are found in a number of countries around the globe, including Australia.A new U.S. Geological Survey study shows that unconventional oil and gas production in some.

U.S. oil output slide looms as shale firms hit

The Energy Information Administration on Monday said it expects an increase in domestic shale-oil production to nearly 5 million barrels a day for April, which would.Oil shale is an organic-rich fine-grained sedimentary rock containing kerogen (a solid mixture of organic chemical compounds) from which liquid hydrocarbons called.

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American shale oil companies are poised to take advantage of OPEC production cuts.

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NATURAL GAS FROM SHALE: Questions and Answers Representation of common equipment at a natural gas hydraulic fracturing drill pad.