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It seems I was linking to a static library, made by another developer, that was configured to link dynamically to MFC.I know that you can change this in the project properties but when I tried to do so I got a lot of compilation errors.

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Note: By default, the MFC Application Wizard creates an AFXDLL project.

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db:: 4.29::"Use MFC in a Static Library" and oraocci10d.lib jz

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MinGW Static and Dynamic Libraries. The static library executes without an external library because they are compiled directly.

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Excuse me for leaving out some information in my previous post.But after changed this setting your application needs the VC2008 Redistribuable installed on the PC were the application will be used.

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Such a library natively supports MFC strings (such as CString, CTime, etc.If your debug configuration works, you could ceate a new configuration that uses the debug settings and than you do tha changes for the release build in the compiler and linker sattings by yourself.

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An MFC static library is a library file that includes MFC functions or classes.Nothing complicated - open a connection to a server and send a short message.Rob, Linking to MFC as a static library is not supported in the current version of MeasurementStudio.

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I managed to get it working by changing some of the release project properties.

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To use static linking of MFC code instead, set the Use MFC in a static library option in the.

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The static library is where the MFC code has been compiled into a LIB file and the linker includes the actual MFC compiled code into your program (as if you had.

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