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Find out what currency is used in every African country along with links to currency converters and tips on what.Exchange rate for converting British Pound Sterling to Gambian.

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The current exchange rate used by the Embassy is 31 dalasi to the dollar.

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Money and Currency in South Africa. The currency in South Africa is Rand (ZAR) and cents.

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Gambia Flag Three equal horizontal bands of red (top), blue with white edges, and green.Free Currency Converter for Gambia Currencies. debt options, foreign currency options, flexibly structured options,.

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Gambia: dalasi: Mexico: peso: South Africa: rand: Barbados: dollar: Georgia.A man counts Dalasi, currency of The Gambia, in Banjul on January 23, 2017.

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The Most Valuable Currencies in Africa. word for cowry shell which was once used in Ghana as currency. 2).Exchange rate for converting Gambian Dalasi to Danish Krone:.

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Banknote World offers Gambia currency for sale to collectors looking for a piece of Gambia.


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The Central Bank of The Gambia issues the national currency, the dalasi.

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Senegal currency is the medium of exchange for goods and services in Senegal. Gambia Economy: Gabon Economy: Uzbekistan Economy: Ethiopia Economy: Egypt Economy.

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Gambia: The New Commemorative D20 Currency Notes Are The Worst Bank Notes Ever Printed In The.Gambia is one of the only two countries in Africa to share borders with only one.Africa.com produces original content and curated news focused on Africa.

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Gambia used the British West African pound until it issued its own currency on October 5, 1965.

Get also a Dalasi to Lira currency converter widget or currency conversion guide sheet or chart for your website. The Dalasi is the currency used in Gambia.

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The Gambian currency, the dalasi, is generally stable against all currencies.

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