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When looking at an MTF chart you will notice that there are two labeled axises.

As a result, the tests are run with two different dashes lines: one set that consists of parallel diagonal lines (sagittal) and one that consists of perpendicular lines (meridional).I found some references to some of the older lenses but would like.Sigma Corporation of America to Release Two MTF Charts for Measurement of Lenses.For a detailed explanation and links to further study, read this:.A compact normal lens with high mechanical quality and very convincing optical performance.The horizontal axis tells you the distance of the measurement in millimeters from the center of the frame to the edge.

Because many modern lens manufacturers publish MTF data to show the potential performance of their newly released lenses, it can be quite useful to know how to.

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This Photographer Paints Entire Rooms a Single Color for Surreal Shots.The results from a resolution test are plotted on the MTF chart in the same fashion but are instead represented by thinner lines.Photographer Captures Air Show with Nikon 800mm and Crazy Shoulder Rig.

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I noticed that for TS-E 17mm and 24mm, we only have 4 curves.The resolution of a lens, on the other hand, is the overall ability of a lens to render very fine pieces of detail.

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A utility to produce MTF (modulation transfer function, a measure of edge acuity) maps of images.Modulation Transfer Function, MTF applies to every imaging system,. this is called false resolution or aliases If you look at a resolution chart,.How to Include Detector Resolution in MTF Calculations. The bar chart must be small because the optical transfer function of the lens should not vary.

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Some people may not be aware, but sharpness is measured in two different ways.

Purchasing a new lens for your kit can be an expensive endeavor and the more information you know before making a purchase is always useful.

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Now that you are ready to go out and begin comparing lenses for their performance, there are few notes that you have to be aware of during your journey.

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You can keep this in mind to note how bokeh changes at different apertures.A visual approach to understanding resolution based on MTF (modulation transfer function) curves.

Rescharts— an interactive interface for sharpness measurements.

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Ever wondered what those weird charts are that lens manufacturers always show with their lenses.For a lens, lines that are running parallel to the diagonal from the sensor are easier for the lens to reproduce accurately.

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MTF charts can give you a better understanding of the optical.I just looked at the MTF chart for the sigma 500mm lens and the canon 500mm lens.Kipon published the MTF charts and some sample photos from their new Handevision IBERIT full frame lenses for Leica M mount (check pricing and availability at B.

Putting this information together, we can look at how the lens handles the contrast in two separate aperture configurations with both types of lines.

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MTF Curves for Canon Lenses. after much lens-chart testing on a Canon EOS. do not deliver pixel-sharp starfields, at f2.8, as to be expected from the MTF data.