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Did you find a broker that scammed you and you want everybody to know.Termination decisions are not intended to be personal in any way.But the last look that they get is not used so often in the institutional environment, and it is extremely rare for them to do it to a retail client since the volume is that much lower.Find information of official account page results and read reviews of visiting customers.Third week into trading I noticed my PC was hacked mysterious by some anonymous person.

Just copy successful traders with a click of a button and profit.Another employee told me to take a look at it but he never came back to me.Not to mention the amount of unsatisfied customers and complaints I found on the internet after my research.Started trading made over 100 trades all wins 0 losses in a few days. Then on.Again I appreciate the fact you are initiating a full balance withdraw to be returned to the originating source, hopefully this can be done as soon as possible since I would like to be done and over with FXCM.There is a huge lack of honesty here and the trading public is getting taken to the cleaners.I have requested for funds to be transferred between my FXCM accounts in accordance with FXCM.FXCM TRADER 4 TRANSFER FORM To transfer funds between your existing FXCM Trader 4 accounts OR To transfer funds to create a new FXCM Trader 4 account.MARCH 2017, dollar is strong, gold is weak and other currencies, fed hike coming, BREXIT,,, massive selling.

The truth is wrongful liquidation happened at 9:01 am not at 1:01 pm See below my account statement for detail transaction history).In deciding what positions will be individually liquidated the largest loosing position will be closed first during liquidation.

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Of course there are traders that are happy with FXCM but there are not many of them.Additionally, standalone apps only operate on Windows operating systems.Anyone going for scalping will be at a serious disadvantages because of the spreads.The FXCM Compliance Department is in receipt of the complaint you recently submitted.

Sorry, what you are telling me verbally means nothing according to FXCM documentation and actually contradictions these very same documents.They can lock your account, you will not able to trade until they solve problem what they create, you will lose more money.Information that was then used not only to block and close all of our accounts with FXCM, but also to hold our funds indefinitely.People just trade directly with the exchanges and not the FXCM or other brokers they are all scammers.

If you live outside the US, I like SaxoBank and inside the states, Interactive Broker.FXCM provides general advice that does not take into account your.I open whit fxcm not a big money, but he stolen a pip (commision), volatity, is a big scammer, i m a novice, but look a techniq analysed, he was a big and great scam, don t go do fxcm.

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I shall be responsible for any open lots in my account at the time that I revoke the.I got an email today from FXCM telling me that they are closing their Canada branch (which is only offered to residents of British Columbia) because o.Second time they accept they system close this order automatically because I had low margin.My personal and professional opinion is to avoid this broker.

We will be initiating a full balance withdraw to be returned to the originating source. Thank you.

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Users whose accounts have been terminated are prohibited from accessing, possessing or creating any other YouTube accounts.Funds must be transferred from a Skrill account under the same name as your FXCM trading account.Referring to the first paragraph let me tell you that you are totally wrong, I do not intend or have any continued Interest whatsoever in Forex Capital Markets,or the (Agreement).This means that retail trader sends an order, liquidity provider who has already put out a trade is matched and the order is routed, the liquidity provider is allowed to cancel the trade even after being chosen to be the counterparty. Forex Trading - FXCM - Websiteprofile

After coming back the stop loss was executed although the chart did not even touch my stop loss.This is my final attempt resolve the matter directly with FXCM. i had send 4 other emails within last 10 days without a solution.I have been making losses often enough that i had to remove my stop loss because those stop losses are like 50 pips away and when it touches, automatically the trades goes the other way.The result of any margin call is subsequent liquidation unless otherwise specified.