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Scrofulous definition, pertaining to, resembling, of the nature of, or affected with scrofula. See more.

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Glands: Inflammation with emaciation in Scrofulous

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Please be assured that this does not in any way reflect the. but performing a bad service does not mean. and therefore any scrofulous detritus.

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"Gollum is back in all his scrofulous glory,. distinct memories of hearing them as a child (which of course is impossible but you know what i mean).

Glands: Scrofulous enlargement but less tendency to

His scrofulous body was agog at seeing what it normally had no brain capable of encompassing.

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Its use is generally restricted to scrofulous and tubercular affections.

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Check common mistakes of the english language and synonyms of our language.Eye inflammation can be a sign of a serious condition, such as an anaphylactic reaction,.

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Glands: Scrofulous enlargement of glands everywhere

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What does it matter what. well-meaning but unambitious. tradition that Clovis I healed the scrofulous following.Words within scrofulous not shown as it has more than seven letters.

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The root has been applied as a poultice for scrofulous sores, rheumatism,.

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