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As soon as those numbers popped up on my display I ignored the call.Guys, I have been trading with UFX for 1.5 years now and all I can say is that they are the best in the game.Please do not trust any person who is linked to this group of companies.


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UFX Review

But please let me assure you that if you go ahead, you will lose 5000.If you gonna trade do you Fucking homework and only deposit your money with the big boys that are physically in your country and fully regulated like IG markets or such like.

And suddenly it was the moment we could not fail. THE MOMENT.In addition to that they will always advice to trade high percentages of your equity, when trading never trade with more than 20% of your equity and always target 40% of the 20% on daily trades you will see you portofolio grow.There have been a lot of complaints and most traders call UFX Bank a scam.I lost hundred over USD after quick withdrawal of USD 400 over.Did you find a broker that scammed you and you want everybody to know.Please give me right and helpful information to get our money back.I have lost a lot of money because the trainer forgot to send me a graph concerning an expected big movement and at the end he did not help me to keep my account open.I was kicked out from the market and from ufx because i lost everything.WARNING 2: UFX Bank claimed that they hired a black hat SEO company to do search engine optimization.You have to have money, or it is back to CFD providers and margins and very big risk.

Most of the positions I opened my own and i profited from all those trades.Our unbiased UFX review will give you the full facts including information about regulation, account types, leverage, spreads and much more.There are more than 40 complaints online with total loss of 1.8 million dollars.Forex is illegal in india, we will investigate you. thanks for your information Mr sharma.The NFA number that UFX Bank claims to be theirs does not exist in the NFA database.Definitely a scam company employing unresponsible and greedy people.Demand after demand for investigations and numerous queries seems to fall on deaf ears.However after checking with Google, the huge amount of investors that have been ripped off makes me wonder how on earth they can still be in business.

Hi I went on my trading managers advice to open positions and made 23000 but then he told me to open more and more then when I got home all my account was gone I lost 33000 dollars.devastated.YOU can actually doing it yourself without question being asked.Then fill in the amount you wish to withdraw. than click ok I suppose.To get as much earnings as possible, all the cash you may bring is never enough to increase your margin.

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All the very best of luck to those of you who have been scammed to receive at least some of your stolen money back.

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When I tried to withdraw the money one of the account manager called me and asked to open one big lot on silver.

I am Asian and had invested an amount of, which is a minimum, US 500.What happened is I felt very unsure about it but at the same time I also wish that I could make a windfall through trades that had make many investors rich after couple of months as shown in some kind of video displaying in facebook, youtube, yahoo advertisements you name it.Some even find your car and use it as their own after changing the identity of your cars particulars.

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I completely have no experience at all in open market trading.There is no way I will ever recover from my dealings with UFX.com.Just copy successful traders with a click of a button and profit.There is absolutely no personal coach but personal helper in losing your money.They have inexperience account manager that always ask you open trade with high risk and only reply you if you want to deposit money.

A reputable company or broker would NOT waste anymore time to get in touch with someone who hardly has any money burn either.The above mentioned funds have taken a lifetime to accumulate and in the end lost as a result of very calculated losing trades, in approx. 3 hours, I was told to instigate by my UFX VIP trading manager.I wanted to close my UFX Bank account and have been called from different persons in a short period of time.I had presumed that must be successfully withdrawn by myself.I was influenced by their advertisement of no fee charged on deposit and withdrawal.

But about THEM taking over your account until you loose money.I have had an experience in withdrawing my money from ufx before and it is successful.

I opened an account with CMTrading after they seemed to be nice.This is a kind of software which is customised accordingly how much you are investing in your account.The account manager put my whole bankroll at stake and I lost it all.

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Of course, they were much too busy returning our calls and answering our emails or whatsapps.The account Manager asked me to open a trade that was very high risky and all my money gone.UFX does not want to lose costumers and they try to keep you as badly as they can.You all should know that before you trade, you must do your research first before signing up.They have once again failed a professional standard of Duty of care for their so called valued clients.